Math practice sheets

After writing last night’s post I started thinking about who would be likely to read it and how it could be made more useful to them. I think regular readers of this blog—both of them—are conversant with at least one scripting language and are pretty handy with a text editor. For those people, providing the source code with line numbers makes sense; they’re as interested in the code as in what the code does. But parents who find these posts by Googling “math practice” or “multiplication homework” aren’t interested in the code, just the results.

So I’ve uploaded all my math practice sheets as standalone web pages and put the links to them in this article. No need to copy and paste, no worries about the proper file extension or whether you’re using a text editor or a word processor. Just click a link and you’ll get a page full of practice problems you can print out. Reload or Refresh the page and a new set of problems will appear. If you want to download them to your own hard disk, just use your browser’s Save or Save As command; but you don’t have to. As long as this blog is running, I’ll keep the math practice sheets available with links to them here.

I’ve written the pages as generically as I know how; I believe they will work in any browser on any operating system. If you have a problem, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

As I make more of these pages, I’ll revise this post to include links to them.

And if you are interested in the thinking behind the code, you can look at these posts.