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Afghanistan, March 2014

You’ve no doubt already heard that there were no US military deaths in Afghanistan in March, the first time that’s happened since January of 2007. Unfortunately, the figures for February were revised upward, so the totals are still higher than they were when I posted them last month. I visited the LBJ Presidential Library a…

Afghanistan, February 2014

The possible withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan got a bit of play in the news this past week, but it’s almost certainly more a negotiating tactic than a likelihood. Too bad.

Afghanistan, January 2014

Apart from the usual plot, I want to link to a couple of stories. First, via Kevin Drum, there’s this report from Pew Research, which tracks the changes in US attitudes toward the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was struck by the same thing Kevin was: that only 35–40% of Americans now believe the…

Afghanistan, December 2013

Of the American soldiers who died in Afghanistan in December, the youngest was 19 years old. He was just 7 on the morning of the September 11 attacks, and yet somehow his death over 12 years later is connected to them. How have we allowed this?

Afghanistan, November 2013

Big drop in US and coalition casualties this past month. It’d be nice if this trend lasted longer than it did at the beginning of the year.

Afghanistan, October 2013

So we’re now one month into the thirteenth year of this war. As a nation, America seems comfortable with this condition—as if Afghanistan has become just another foreign military base. There are the continuing deaths, of course, but nobody pays attention to them anymore.

Afghanistan, September 2013

Twelve full years.

Afghanistan, August 2013

Afghanistan? That old thing? Don’t you know the hot topic is Syria now?

Afghanistan, June 2013

It’s nice, I suppose, that the Edward Snowden matter has us thinking and talking about what we’re willing to sacrifice in the name of national security. It would have been nicer if we’d thought to do this thinking and talking back in 2008 when the FISA Amendments Act was passed,1 making the FISA court even…

Afghanistan, May 2013

Creeping up again. And six US military deaths already in June.