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Afghanistan, August 2014

My younger son started high school a couple of weeks ago. He was a year and a half old when this war started. My older son was in preschool at the time. He’s now a senior and will have to register with Selective Service in a couple of months. For them, we really have always…

Afghanistan, July 2014

Afghanistan made the news today, mainly because Major General Harold Greene was killed in an “insider attack” at a training base for Afghan soldiers. General Greene isn’t in this graph, but he’ll appear in the next one, joining nearly 3500 others.

Afghanistan, June 2014

Most US military deaths in a year.

Afghanistan, May 2014

The absurdly slow withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan announced last week was met with even more absurd criticism from the usual gang of idiots. I keep coming back to what a young John Kerry said over 40 years ago: How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a…

Afghanistan, April 2014

I know you’re all angry about the FCC’s recent announcements about net neutrality, but if you have any outrage to spare, I can think of a place to apply it.

The newly green Apple

I listened to the latest episode of The Prompt today, and as the boys were talking about Apple’s new video on environmental responsibility, I thought about Tim Cook’s confrontation with a right-wing shill at the last shareholders’ meeting. I was going to write something about it at the time but didn’t get around to it.…

Afghanistan, March 2014

You’ve no doubt already heard that there were no US military deaths in Afghanistan in March, the first time that’s happened since January of 2007. Unfortunately, the figures for February were revised upward, so the totals are still higher than they were when I posted them last month. I visited the LBJ Presidential Library a…

Afghanistan, February 2014

The possible withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan got a bit of play in the news this past week, but it’s almost certainly more a negotiating tactic than a likelihood. Too bad.

Afghanistan, January 2014

Apart from the usual plot, I want to link to a couple of stories. First, via Kevin Drum, there’s this report from Pew Research, which tracks the changes in US attitudes toward the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was struck by the same thing Kevin was: that only 35–40% of Americans now believe the…

Afghanistan, December 2013

Of the American soldiers who died in Afghanistan in December, the youngest was 19 years old. He was just 7 on the morning of the September 11 attacks, and yet somehow his death over 12 years later is connected to them. How have we allowed this?