Data warning

I’ve been reading Clark’s series of posts on excess battery and (especially) data use under iOS 6 and thinking that I should check into my data use before I get hit with an overage charge. But since what I should do and what I do do are seldom the same, I never got around to it. Today, AT&T did the checking for me and sent the “you’ve blown through 65% of your monthly bandwidth” text message and email.

AT&T bandwidth warning text

Given that I’m 75% of the way through my billing month, the warning isn’t especially dire, but it’s much closer to the limit than I usually get. Even accounting for my recent four-day weekend trip to the land of no WiFi (my mother’s house), I wouldn’t expect that much data use. Time to go back though those posts and figure out if my phone is accessing the network behind my back.

5 Responses to “Data warning”

  1. Clark says:

    What’s really fun is when you unexpectedly get that message before bed and get the 90% usage message when you wake up - despite having it on WiFi. Happened twice to me! (Due to when the billing cycle happened)

  2. tofias says:

    I got the same message only 3 days into my billing cycle this month. On average I probably use about 100GB of cellular data a month. My suspects are Downcast, Apple’s Podcast app, and About a year ago a similar thing happened and I was pretty sure it was Mail or MLB.

  3. Clark says:

    Podcast has a known bug that allows it to download over cellular. I’d delete it if you are having troubles. (Downcast is ridiculously better anyway)

  4. tofias says:

    Thanks Clark, but ugh. Is there a known way to be reimbursed by Apple for the $15 I’ll be out when I go over my data limit? I actually deleted the Podcast app this week when I saw in a tweet (can’t remember source) that deleting Podcast would restore podcast visibility to the Music app. I’ve developed a crazy system of using Instacast as my primary podcast app and mixing iTunes/Music & Downcast as secondary pod catchers. Crazy, I know.

  5. Clark says:

    No - and I did it with two devices! I’m surprised more hasn’t been made of this. It certainly is more significant than some of the criticisms going around the net: dingability and bendability.