Downcast All Played playlist

I like to delete podcast episodes from Downcast manually instead of setting up a rule for when to delete them. I do this because I often listen to podcasts late at night and fall asleep while they’re playing. I don’t want Downcast to delete an episode that it thinks I’ve listened to just because it played it all the way through.

Deleting several episodes from different podcasts takes a lot of tapping and swiping, though:

To make this process go faster, I made an All Played playlist, defined like this:

Downcast All Played playlist definition

This puts all the played episodes in one list, where I can quickly delete the ones I’ve actually listened to without climbing up and down the podcast list.

9 Responses to “Downcast All Played playlist”

  1. Dan Wearsch says:

    Great tip, thanks. One question-what is your screenshot trick? Is this multiple images stitched together, or are you using some screenshot voodoo I’m unfamiliar with?

  2. Jan Marcel says:

    Did you take that screenshot exactly at 9:42 AM intentionally? :-)

  3. Jan Marcel says:

    I mean, 9:42 PM. (Sorry for increasing the entropy in your blog.)

  4. Dr. Drang says:

    No voodoo, Dan, it’s three screenshots stitched together.

    I don’t know the significance of 9:42, Jan, so it couldn’t have been deliberate.

  5. Justin Blanton says:

    Awesome tip. I’ve the exact same use-case as you, and was thinking about this just this morning. My first thought was that I’d like the “PLAYED OR EMPTY” list to sort by last played, but your solution is even better.

  6. Shane phillips says:

    I do something similar for a different reason. I subscribe to 50 podcasts. I download them so I do not incur any 3g charges for streaming. I keep track of how many hours I listen to so that I don’t take away from family time (long story but at one time I was listening to 70 podcasts). I have around 1GB of storage used by podcasts at any one time. While I do want to know if an episode played, I don’t want the disk space taken up. I clear my played list every Monday for the next week. I have requested a feature to the downcast developer (Seth - the amazing) that would could “auto” delete the played episode by “convert to stream”. This would keep it in my “played playlist” but free up the diskspace. In your case, if you fell asleep you could just play it as a stream or “convert to download” then listen.

  7. Carl says:

    I tend to use a sleep timer if I listen to podcasts in bed. Go to the Clock app on iPhone, then Timer, and change the alarm sound from the default “Marimba” to the last option, which is to stop playback. Besides not having to set deletion to manual mode, this method also has the advantage that I’m not leaving my phone squaking all night.

  8. Jan Marcel says:

    Sorry for not explaining myself properly, doctor. The significance is that, in almost every official iPhone ad, the time is always set to 9:42 (AM). This is a plausible explanation for that. Since you didn’t know about it, that was an interesting coincidence. :-)

  9. Dr. Drang says:

    Carl, I used the Clock app as a sleep timer when I listened through the Apple Music player. Downcast has a timer built in, so I try to use that. Often I fall asleep before I remember to set the timer.