Iraq and Afghanistan, December 2011

So I guess we really are done in Iraq. Nearly 4,500 US military lives lost, over 300 more from our coalition partners. And to what end? We invaded a country that had not attacked us and deposed a leader who was no threat to us or our allies. We made ourselves look foolish, dishonest, and belligerent to the rest of the world—more foolish, more dishonest, and more belligerent, if you want to be cynical about it.

Iraq December 2012

As for Afghanistan, the country that did actually harbor those who attacked us, I can only hope the Obama administration will take its success in finding bin Laden as a sign that its strength and resolve have been established and withdraw from there, too. A decade is long enough.

Afghanistan December 2012

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  1. Hameed Khorami says:

    war can not bring peace : if globalization did not work for all at the end it will work for non