A pocketful story

So last night I plugged in my iPhone to charge overnight, and I found that the connector wouldn’t go all the way into the slot on the bottom of the phone.

(This is not a photo taken at the time, but a recreation like one of those Taiwanese animations. Only not animated. Or Taiwanese.)

I took the phone down to the kitchen, found a flat toothpick, and started digging. The amount of lint and junk that came out of the slot was unbelievable. The plug was tilted because of one little chip of something that was caught on that side, but below that was a compressed mat of fuzz that’s been accumulating since I got the phone a year ago.

The weird thing is that I keep my iPhone in my left front pocket, and I never put anything else in that pocket. The lint built up anyway.

Note: I am a trained and licensed professional engineer with years of hands-on toothpick experience. You youngsters shouldn’t try this on your own.