Excuse me

This is sort of a test. I learned after last night’s post that the embedded tweet code, which looks fine on the blog, generates a mess in the RSS feed. This is what it looked like in Google Reader:


So I’m playing around with the generated HTML to see if I can come up with something that looks the same on the blog, but has a better layout in the feed. Unfortunately, I don’t know how WordPress creates its feed, so I can’t do it offline in the privacy of my own computer; it’ll have to be out here where everyone can see me thrash about. Sorry about that.

Ultimately, I expect to have something that works well in the GitHub repository.

35 yrs ago 2day The Edmund Fitzgerald sank..In honor I will conduct all my conversations singing in Gordon Lightfoot’s voice

12:25 PM Wed Nov 10, 2010

While not great looking, the RSS feed version of the tweet is now logically laid out and readable. This is what the tweet above looks like, in context, in Google Reader:

Wrapping the tweet contents in a <blockquote> was a big help; it works both visually and semantically. That, and a few other code cleanups, in the repository.