Simplenote update

The new version of Simplenote came out today, and although it’s fixed many bugs, it still has the bug that bothered me the most.

When you’re typing in landscape mode and you get down to where the virtual keyboard sits, what you’re typing goes under the keyboard where you can’t see it. Simplenote is the only application I know of that has this problem; every other app that I type in scrolls up when the cursor gets to the top of the keyboard. For a note-taking application, seeing what you’re typing should have a higher priority than getting a better-looking icon.1

In other Simplenote news that annoys me, Cloud Factory has apparently released it beta API to a select group that doesn’t include me, despite my being told that I was in the beta group. Listen, Cloud Factory, a super programmer like Alex Paine isn’t going stress test your API the way a klutz like I could.

I guess I’ll just have to grab from al3x’s GitHub repository.

Update 8/31/09
It’s hard to stay mad at guys who apologize so quickly. But I still don’t understand how the scrolling bug slipped through again.


  1. And frankly, the new and improved icon is nothing to write home about. It’s basically an index card with a reversed-colors AirPort Utility icon pasted on top.