Dr. Twoot

OK, this is my last post on Twoot, the customizable Twitter web client originally written by Peter Krantz and so heavily altered by me that Peter probably wouldn’t recognize it anymore. I’ve decided to call my fork Dr. Twoot and give it its own self-named repository on GitHub. It’s reached a point in its development where I almost never need to pop over to twitter.com, so it’s feature-complete as far as I’m concerned.

This is what it looks like in its basic configuration

and here’s the list of features:

Dr. Twoot is a set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files turned into a site-specific browser (SSB) using Fluid. Unlike most SSBs, Dr. Twoot sits on your own hard drive, so the only server availability you have to worry about is Twitter’s. If you want to try it out, download it from the repository and build it using these instructions. If you make your own improvements, I’d like to hear about them.