Ruler card for Hipster PDA

A couple of weeks ago, the great 43 Folders had a post about a set of interesting PDF templates made by John Norris for the Hipster PDA. One of the templates was a ruler, which I thought was a great idea but poorly executed because they looked like bitmaps that were fuzzy. So I decided to make my own crisp PDF versions. Since I don’t know how to write PDF directly, I wrote a PostScript file that I then converted to a PDF using ps2pdf.

This is what it looks like.

Index card ruler

(I’ve since learned that the original source of the ruler John Norris used is a nice collection of PostScript and PDF rulers made by Michael Vendian. Somehow it got converted to a bitmap when John made up his templates. It’s possible that had I learned this earlier I would have tried adapting one or two of Vendian’s rulers. I’m glad I didn’t because the format of mine is different enough that adapting would have been more effort than writing from scratch.)

A few notes on the construction and use:

3 Responses to “Ruler card for Hipster PDA”

  1. And now it's all this says:

    Still tweaking

    Too much blogging about blogging, but anyway… There are a few permanent links out there on the Internets to my posts on HPDA rulers, temperature conversion charts, calendars and travel cards. With the change of blogging engine, those links…

  2. Luly says:

    this ruler is not accurate… says 4 1/2 inches but it really is only 3 1/2 inches…nice try though

  3. Dr. Drang says:


    Are you by any chance holding a ruler up to the screen? The image in the posting is not the ruler, it’s just a picture of it. The intent is for you to download and print either the PostScript or the PDF file onto an index card.